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​Guaranteed Results Program
Elizabeth Fuentas
Business Owner
San Diego, California

I've attended dozens of lectures and seminars in my career and got plenty of information.  However, for the first time in my professional life I truly believe what I learned at PEAK Performance will make a difference.  I was challenged intellectually, emotionally and physically...  the lessons I brought back will stay with me and my team for a very long time.
Things That Hinder Your Business 
That You Might Not See
by Andrew Thompson
BLIND SPOTS, Things That Hinder Your Business That You Might Not See, examines the world of subtle details that directly effect outcome.  Andrew's research, which covers 23 different industries, takes a look at the small details of business that are often overlooked by leadership and unnecessarily cost millions in lost revenue every year.  Andrew's examinations include, lack of employee smiles, bad hires, poor nutrition and health, deception in the workplace, poor marketing, lack of women leaders, mediocrity goal setting and achievement and much more.  

Andrew's solutions to these issues are surprising and unique but most of all easy to implement.  This is a must read for any business professional looking for ways to enhance their business and take it to the next level.
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with Andrew Thompson
PEAK Performance, Inc. understands that today's market is very competitive no matter what industry you're in.  It's not just enough to want success, you have to want to BE THE BEST.  

To achieve this, you must IGNITE ALL your passions for business and awaken 3 hidden intelligences you have inside you.  It's important to have intellectual intelligence (or to think smart) about business, but it's just as important to have physical intelligence (what drives your body to handle stress, produce energy, etc.) and emotional intelligence (what guides your passions and influences your daily decisions) if you want to be at the top of your game.

Andrew Thompson has developed three dynamic training experiences that will push you to your limits and awaken your 3 hidden intelligences.  If you're tired of limited success and feel you can achieve more but have struggled personally and professionally then you need to experience one of our BUSINESS BOOT CAMP programs.

Our BUSINESS BOOT CAMP Programs will teach you the principles of attraction, how your leadership, values and vision will attract MORE CUSTOMERS, create GREATER LOYALTY among your team and INCREASE YOUR PROFITS.   

What creates such great success with our programs is the "experiential training".  

We make sure that our students get involved in virtually every aspect of the curriculum.  From challenges indoors during our seminars to physical obstacles outdoors...  whether our team comes to your office or we host an event for your team in the mountains of Colorado or California, PEAK Performance, Inc. has a program that's perfect for you or your team.
This introductory course takes students on a journey of discovery as they learn strategies from the BEST in 23 different industries in the areas of sales, leadership and business culture.

This course takes sales, leadership and business culture to a higher level. Students will be exposed to strategies used by top professionals and will learn how to create great success in their business.  Students will also enter the  CHALLENGE ARENA as they face portable rock walls, zip lines and rope courses.  They will discover the importance of how basic human skills such as communication and commitment and are a crucial part of their success journey in business and life. 
This course takes students to the mountains of Colorado or California for a 5 day "reboot".  They will study advanced techniques in sales, leadership and business culture and will be pushed to their limits physically, emotionally and intellectually and they face a natural environment that lives by the SAME RULES as the business world they live in.  

Sales Training 
​We studied how the top one percent of salespeople in 23 industries actually sell. They earn more than the average CEO, yet they seldom put in the same hours or work as hard. The secret to great sales results is not the extended effort you put into the process, but how you sell that makes a difference. Learn the traits and secrets the top one percent of successful sales people use to earn six, seven and even eight figure annual incomes. If you can master the sale of a $25 item, you can sell $25,000,000 dollars worth of inventory when you learn the expansion process in this course.
​Leadership Training 
What is a great leader?  How do they inspire their team to accomplish incredible objectives?  What personal characteristics do they have that magnetizes a vision, a purpose, a goal and energizes others to follow?  These are some of the questions that we address in this course.  Learn what it is to be a leader in today's competitive business environment.  Learn the unexpected secret that can transform a team struggling from discipline issues, rebellious attitudes, incompetence and lack of respect for authority into a smooth running company culture that produces results.
Business Boot Camp curriculum is usually determined in advance with leaders, managers or owners of the company.  Often, it's based on a needs assessment that's given by one of PEAK Performance's Consultants but training topics can be selected independently by the company based on their own judgements.  In most cases, the curriculum falls into the catagories listed below.
Business Philosophy
There is no business without philosophy. Yet, many business owners today don’t realize that without injecting and managing there own philosophy into their business they are losing thousands of dollars every month. Philosophy is the foundation of company culture which effects your team; it creates psychological perceptions which effect your customers and psychological seeding which effect your advertising and marketing. A company culture that’s imbalanced will usually experience management & employee conflict, poor customer service, production of lower quality items and loss in profits.​
Marketing/Advertising Training
Do you know the difference between marketing and branding? A recent survey revealed that nearly 90% of business professionals today cannot give an accurate description that clearly defines both differently. In today's highly competitive business culture, there are more professionals that know less about how to market their business. This course examines the history of how marketing has developed and how our society has revolutionized how we must speak to each other in business. Learn about the psychology of color, the psychological seeding found in advertising and why advertising agencies spend millions on research to find ways to connect with all of us.

Our training is designed for nearly anyone in business today.  From CEOs to middle-management and employees PEAK Performance, Inc. delivers an educational experience that will be long remembered.  The cloud above is a group of industries that would benefit greatly from the curriculum used in PEAK Performance Events.