PEAK Performance, Inc. has many different courses and events with a variety of different educational methods to choose from.  
You can join us in the mountains of Southern California or Central Colorado for our EVENTURE Mountain Programs, a week long retreat mastering the skills of leadership, teamwork, delegation, communication, commitment and goal achievement while analogizing to how you perform with these sames values in your business environment.

These same values are taught in our EVENTURE Mobile Program where we can bring the mountain learning experience to your place of business while experiencing the physical, emotional and intellectual challenges using our portable rock climbing walls, portable zip lines and rope courses in our Mobile Challenge Arena.  Our Mobile program also includes at least a half day of engaging and interactive business seminars.

Our ONEonONE Program is designed for independent contractors and sole proprietors who are looking for more a personalized approach to their daily business routine.  This program runs 12 weeks and is directly "hands-on" giving you insightful information about yourself, your business and your customers.  

There are powerful lessons in business and there are powerful lessons in learning.  PEAK Performance, Inc. has carefully developed programs that maximize your abilities in both as a business professional. 

The 3 pillars of learning, intellectual intelligence, emotional intelligence and physical intelligence make up the Simul Learning System we have as human beings (Simul is Latin for "together". The english equivalent is "simultaneous").  The more "intelligence" used to learn a concept, idea or routine the more engrained and habitual our learning can become.  Learning euphoria is when you truly believe in something, someone or some outcome.  This is where greatness can develop and thrive.

PEAK Performance, Inc. has masterfully developed a style of Experiential Motus Training that engages your intellectual, emotional and physical states while providing you with cutting edge, outside-the-box business development education.

There are 16 universal components of successful business development. They include leadership, communication, commitment and risk taking just to name a few. We have Training Modules on all 16 business developmental topics that can take you and your team to the next level.
Our education and gesticual training is designed for anyone in business today.  From CEOs to middle-management and employees PEAK Performance, Inc. delivers an educational experience that will be long remembered.  

Sole proprietors, independent contractors such as Realtors, insurance agents, pharmaceutical salespeople are all encouraged to attend our courses and events.  

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Six Figure Selling  
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​Guaranteed Results Program
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Spiritual Zen

What you will learn
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​Guaranteed Results Program
Simul Learning System Equals Business Excellence
What You Will Learn
Who Should Attend 
Elizabeth Fuentas
Business Owner
San Diego, California

I've attended dozens of lectures and seminars in my career and got plenty of information.  However, for the first time in my professional life I truly believe what I learned at PEAK Performance will make a difference.  I was challenged intellectually, emotionally and physically...  the lessons I brought back will stay with me and my team for a very long time.

Event & Course Icons
Throughout the website you will see small icons next to our events & courses.  Each icon symbolizes a special component associated with that event or course.  The definitions of the icons are below.

Physical Activity.  Some of our courses and events will include physical activity in the form of rock climbing, mountain climbing or hiking, zip lining or rope courses. Check with your physician before participating in these events.
Competition & Awards.  Some of our courses and events will include competitive games and challenges for individuals and groups. Challenges can be physical and/or intellectual.  Awards are  given to winning individuals or groups. These awards vary from medals to trophies to VISA gift cards up to $50 in value.
Guarantee.  PEAK Performance, Inc. offers a Guaranteed Results Program that guarantees your company will see a 20% increase in profit of a selected product or service over the course of 12 months.  See a PEAK Consultant for details.
Multi-Day Program.  Many of our courses and events can continue for multiple days.  This icon will indicate which course or event has a multi-day program available as an option.
Includes Student Materials.  All of our courses and some events include student materials as part of the tuition fee.  This icon indicates all student materials are included.
Long-term and effective learning can be accomplished using all three human intelligence simultaneously.  This is Simul Learning.  When a person can know, feel and connect...  they will believe.  It's this belief that drives personal and professional success.  
Intelligence.  All of our courses contain content that educate the participant about their physical intelligenceemotional intelligence or intellectual intelligence.
Things That Hinder Your Business 
That You Might Not See
BLIND SPOTS, Things That Hinder Your Business That You Might Not See, examines the world of subtle details that directly affect outcome.  Andrew's research, which covers 23 different industries, takes a look at the small details of business that are often overlooked by leadership and unnecessarily cost millions in lost revenue every year.  Andrew's examinations include, lack of employee smiles, bad hires, poor nutrition and health, deception in the workplace, poor marketing, lack of women leaders, mediocrity goal setting and achievement and much more.  

Andrew's solutions to these issues are surprising and unique but most of all easy to implement.  This is a must read for any business professional looking for ways to enhance their business and take it to the next level.
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